Data Visualization

CS 360/560 • Spring 2020

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Midterm Presentations

Instead of a midterm exam, all students must complete a midterm group project. This guide describes the midterm presentation requirements.

Associated Assignments Midterm Presentation

Speaker Requirements

All members of the midterm group must participate in the presentation of the project. It is up to the group to decide how to split the time between group members, but each person must speak for roughly equal time.

The group presentation should be 5 minutes per group member. Therefore, a 2 person group must present for 10 minutes and a 3 person group must present for 15 minutes.

Required Content

The required content for this talk includes:

  • The presentation must discuss the group theme.

  • The presentation must include all of the primary visualizations (one per group member), but the visualizations do not have to be presented by its creator.

  • All visual aids must be properly sourced (e.g. attributed to the content creator).

See the Presentation Requirements guide for details on optional content.


All presentations use the same grading rubric and have the opportunity for extra credit. See the Presentation Requirements guide for details and the Presentation Advice for additional help.

The presentation grade depends on both the entire group performance and individual performance, and will be assigned individually (versus a single group grade).

Audience Requirements

Students that are not presenting are expected to be engaged audience members for every presentation, and provide speaker feedback. See the Audience Requirements for more information.


Each group must present their midterm project in class on week 9 (Tuesday 3/17 or Thursday 3/19). The presentation dates were randomly assigned using using id usf-cs360-spring2020. The presentation schedule is as follows:

Start End Tuesday 3/17 Thursday 3/19
4:40p 4:55p Chinchillas Datalization
5:00p 5:15p Persimmon Visualizers
5:20p 5:35p Enigma DataSetGo
5:40p 5:55p Windows 10 ColorIsFake
6:00p 6:15p DataViz datadmin

The presentations, assuming they end on time, have 5 minutes in between for written feedback and a short break.