Data Visualization

CS 360/560 • Spring 2020


Welcome to CS 360/560 Data Visualization for Spring 2020. This course introduces both undergraduate and graduate students to the fundamentals of data visualization. This includes discussion of perception, design, and evaluation. Students will also be introduced to a variety of visualization techniques for high-dimensional, temporal, hierarchical, network, and/or geospatial data.

Upcoming Schedule

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Week 15
Tue 04/28 Lecture
  • Attendance Mandatory
  • Prototype Demonstrations
  • Due: Final Beta Release
Thu 04/30 Lecture
  • Attendance Mandatory
  • Prototype Demonstrations
Fri 05/01 Deadlines

Week 16
Tue 05/05 Lecture
  • Pending
Thu 05/07 Lecture
  • Pending

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